Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home, Yes He is Home!!!

So, I called to get an update on Max today, and Deila came back on the phone to say that Max can come home today or tomorrow!!! So, we waited anxiously until 4 pm when we would get Doc's instructions. After 20 minutes of their phone being busy, we finally got through, and they told us Max could come home!!! Yay!!! We were all so nervous to go pick him up...we just couldn't believe that he was going to spend the night at home with us.When we got to the vet, Francisco gave us our instructions: clean his open wound (they decided not to sew it back up but let it heal itself) 1x day with hydrogen peroxide and iodine, give him antibiotics for 10 more days, confine him to a crate for 5-6 weeks (yes, I said WEEKS), watch him closely for signs of pain and bring him back in for a check-up on Friday. He has been moving his leg and trying to balance on it, but it still needs some time to heal. Francisco also entered all of Max's care codes into the computer and added up our final bill...$401!!!! Can you believe it? Our vet rocks!!
When we brought him home, we put him in his crate, he moved to a comfy spot, and we pet him for about 1 hour. He purred and purred and purred and purred... He seems pretty content in his confines, which he has to stay in until his leg and fractured back heal completely.

On a side note, the kids noticed today that THE dog from the neighbor's backyard was ON the fence today!!! Apparently one of the dogs that attacked Max climbs onto a garden cart and jumps onto the fence where our other neighbor has some thick, entwined branches growing, and the dog literally gets into her yard and sits on those branches and our combined fence! Keep in mind this is not a small dog. It is probably a 50 lb dog! So, I made a call to animal control today and explained the situation. They should get back to me within three days. Three days is a long time when worrying about a "mangy" dog (Sam's words) getting into our yard. We still have a dog, a tortoise and 2 kids to consider here! So, I stopped on over and tried to nicely ask her to move the garden cart. She swore there was nothing in that corner that the dog could climb, and when I asked her to double check (because we KNOW there is something
there-Sam took a super sneaky spy picture of it), she kindly said, "OK" and made sure her door was closed really tightly against the cold front coming through by slamming it closed in my face. I'm sure they will be pleased to visit with the animal control investigator ;) After calling my other neighbor to let her know a vicious dog was hanging out in her tree, she told me about her cat being attacked by the same dogs last month! She saved her cat but was sure that the dogs would have killed her cat if she wouldn't have stopped them. I should have asked the girl today when their lease was up and mention a beautiful house for rent in the next neighborhood.
On a side, side note...check out this atomic bomb of a cloud that we saw today from our front yard. It was literally the only cloud in the sky and was billowing up like a HUGE dust cloud...WICKED!! Maya was for sure that it was Laputa, the castle in the sky (this is a Hayao Miyazaki movie reference).

Good Night (literally)...

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