Saturday, April 23, 2011

2 Months of Heaven

For the next two months, Max was in heaven! He lived in Maya's room for about one week. He slowly got used to his new home, especially the new 80 pound black monster of a dog that was VERY interested in the new living creature hiding in Maya's room! Very quickly, we noticed that Max was going to be a great cat. He had no problem with Bella, the doberman, and actually seemed to like her. He also had a constant companion in Maya who spent hours in her room the first week. As Max slowly ventured into the rest of the house, he quickly found the doggy door to the great outdoors! Now he was really in heaven! We were very cautious about letting him outside and would always bring him in during the night and if we left the house. He always stayed in the backyard, mostly on the "tortoise's side" of the yard, safely fenced off from the always ready to play, Bella.
Life was perfect for Max until we started to notice his premature balding. Why was he losing hair on his head??? Well, after a couple visits to the vet, he was finally diagnosed with Ringworm. This is where the good times ended for Max. The best treatment for ringworm is multiple dips into sulphur to kill off the fungus. Yucky!! This is the first time we left him out overnight, because he smelled so strongly of rotten eggs. After his second dip on April 12th, we were glad the ringworm was gone, and we could all move on and get back to the "easy" (and less smelly) way of life. Boy, we had no idea what was in store for us...

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