Sunday, April 24, 2011


So, I don't have a lot of fundraising experience, and I have never felt comfortable asking other people for money or for any help, for that matter. I have this deep Finnish "sisu" running through my blood-I can endure and always figure out a way to take care of myself and my family! But when we came home on Monday night after dropping Max off at the vet, Samuel started talking about all the different ways that he was going to raise money to pay for Max's vet bills. He knew that money was a big factor in deciding whether to give Max a chance or not. So, the very next day, the kids started making big plans...lemonade stands, art sales, a donation jar...the ideas really started flowing. They were also very generous with their own donations, putting the majority of their savings into Max's donation jar.
Serendipitously, at Freedom Fridays last week (Steve & I attended as parent volunteers), this was the quote of the day:

Our task must be to free ourselves...
by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and its beauty.
-Albert Einstein

And these were the questions of the day:

How might you feel compassion for nature?
How can we show compassion for animals?
For each other?
For ourselves?

Samuel eloquently described how we were showing compassion for our cat, Max, and expressed our need for donations. These incredible kids were so generous, one little girl said, "I got $20 for my birthday. I think it would be better to give to Max than buying a stuffed animal or toy."

So, part of the reason for starting this blog is my contribution to raising money. Of course, every little bit will help and there are numerous ways for you to help if you feel moved to:
  • I have added a "Donate" button on the right side that is linked to my PayPal account (I will update the amount of money we still need here),
  • You can send us a check in the mail (e-mail me at for our mailing address),
  • You can come to one of our lemonade/cookie stands (our first one will be later today at Sendera Pool),
  • You can donate items to our fundraising yard sale,
  • You can hire us for odd jobs: babysitting, house cleaning, pet sitting, yard work, etc., or
  • Pass on any fundraising ideas you may have.
My mom is donating all of the money she has made at her craft sales this month! So, this is turning into a really fun project and a great lesson for the to show compassion for animals, yourself and each other!

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